Added On: Monday, October 17, 2005

9 Changes in 9 days

In an effort to promote positive change and perish routine activities I have setup the '9 changes in 9 days' effort. It is really very simple. The plan is that for the next 9 days, I commit to perform 9 different activities that are outside the norm. I will do 1 (one) new thing that I have never done before each day and will stick to the new routine for the next 9 days. I will be blogging about the experience right here. The whole point of this is to force me to do something different and just maybe, if I see it work, I may adopt it.

For those that are as sick of routine as I am:
1. Copy the legacy 9 in 9 graphic on your blog or website - just so you remember to commit and blog the experience.
2. Commit to 9 transformations at least for the next 9 days, set reminders , do the necessary so you remember.
3. Blog about the experience.
4. Tell your friends and loved ones, lets see how much change an effort like this can generate.
5. Leave me a comment of your blog url so we can track this effort.

Some new things to try that i can think of:
1. Come out of the closet
2. Grow a mohawk
3. Break up with your pesky girlfriend
4. Start blogging
5. Stop being a vegetarian

I'm sure you get the idea...

day 1 of 9
For my first new change, i committ to not using internet explorer for the next 9 days. I will download firefox and use it for all my browsing activities online, on both my desktop and laptop. Lets see if mozilla earned themselves a new advocate.

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Anonymous Suraj said...

dude, the day u grow a freakin mohawk u tell me, man ! i dont mind going to the end of the world (which is where your house is :P) and see it for myself ! if its nice i might just get it too.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous divz said...

Fantastic thing ur doing! Inspiring i'd say. maybe once u finish - ill start! ;)

1:44 PM  

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