Added On: Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 4 of 9

So yesterday ended being really productive. Some of the things I did:

1. read
2. ate quietly in the TV room, with the set switched off
3. connected with some family members
4. ball'd
5. read summore

So the 9 in 9 effort is really going well, I do have to come clean about something, i cussed my heart out over the phone towards the later portion of the night. I was talking about some things that have been disturbing me lately and so I owe the next homeless person i see Rp 25,000 (USD 5.00) It was the words sh*tiest sh*t that got me bad, I dont know how I come up with em.

The TV thing has been hard too, I never realized how soothing having msnbc in the background at work was until today. The TV's been staring at me everywhere I go and it really looks depressed. Its scary realizing how much TV-dependent I have become. I made it a point before to schedule some TV time in my daily life just to relax but somewhere in the way, with the help of readily available DVDs for purchase, I admit scheduling some 'living' time within my TV schedule. Have you tried enganging in conversation in a room while a TV set is on, it gets hard, I'm sure you know by now. Well no more settling into the sofa and grabbing the remote control for me, at least not for the next 6 days.

Day 4 involves me playing some scrabble. Yes, you read right, SCRABBLE. I absolutely detest the game, however its really big in my household.

Just how big you may wonder?

My family members:
1. play at least 4 to 5 games a week,
2. often times to the wee hours of the morning
3. go online to play
4. own the deluxe turntable edition, travel scrabble, funkitron desktop version scrabble
5. the official scrabble players dictionary and the scrabble word building book amongst other scrabble accessories. (wow scrabylon, what the heck ???)

So the last time I played was a few months ago. I fell asleep, while it was my turn. Lets just say my opponents didnt find it funny and have not invited me to play since. I've been really happy with the whole arrangement but its left me without any allies. So in the name of change I hereby agree to engange in 6 games (at the most) until the end of the 9 in 9 effort. That is one game a day. I shall make the announcement soon as I get home, champagne will flow but that wont stop them from eating me alive on the turntable.

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Blogger FreeThinker said...

Nice Scrabble reference! Scrabble is my favorite board game, and practice makes perfect!

To paraphrase Shakespeare,

"The Word-Play's The Thing!"

7:21 AM  

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