Added On: Friday, October 21, 2005

Day 5 of 9

So I've been listening to a lot of music lately . Well when you've given up watching the tube and resorted to playing scrabble for fun, its what happens. Add the no cussing bit and you got yourself a calm and composed person who's had time to reflect on his musical taste.

Speaking of musical taste, I seem to gravitate to a lot of:
1. rap/hip/hop
2. alternative/grunge/rock
3. jazz/classical/funk

These last couple of years, I have maintained my refusal to listen to anything:
1. pop
2. indian
3. indonesian

All that shall change. In order to expand my musical horizons and go where I've not gone before, I shall attempt to go commercial, Britney extent commercial for the next 5 days at least *gasp*. I will also borrow some indonesian and indian CDs and give em a spin, should be an interesting weekend musically.

Scrabble Count is at 0
Cuss Count is at 5

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