Added On: Saturday, October 22, 2005

Day 6 of 9

The 9 in 9 effort is really taking its toll on me. I did not get my dose of punkd or pimp my ride to ease my saturday hangover this morning and I'm not a happy camper. My cuss count is at 13 by the way, yep doing really well in that area. Scrabble count is still at 0, I have been swamped and haven't had any time to spend at home to indulge in this wonderful activity ( hope you noted the sarcasm.)

For day 6, I will SMS as necessary. I think that we all take instant messaging and Short Message System a little too far. If I get an sms from a person making small talk, I will not reply to it, instead I shall call the person. All in the name of enhancing personal communication. I will use SMS only when necessary, for work related things and relaying detailed information when a phone conversation wouldnt be as effective.

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