Added On: Sunday, October 23, 2005

Day 7 of 9

Day 7 has been kinda quiet, still been sticking to all of the things I said I would. Im at 16 with my cuss count, the bums in my readership are gonna be happy to hear that. A friend of mine suggested I buy some birds with the money instead and set them free, anyone else got any suggestions? My scrabble count is at 1, I really felt I squandered those 2 hours this afternoon. I've also watched no TV whatsoever, which has given me time to do a lot of other things, I highly recommend this.

The highlight of my day has been recieving an email from Keith Ferrazzi saying that he's going to take up my suggestion on a change this manifesto for his never eat alone book. I am also setting up a business weblog for kavi kavi as a favor, so that should keep me busy this week.

For day 7 I'm gonna read two books (since there are 2 days left) on a topic that i would never consider referencing. Perhaps one of em will be on accounting and Im thinking the other one will be a book from my sister's Oprah Book Club (OBC) collection, yeah i been avoiding those kind too.

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