Added On: Monday, October 24, 2005

Day 8 of 9

So i just finished this really interesting book called the hidden life of dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. Its given me a lot of insight into animal behavior and uncovered a whole new world of discovery into why dogs do the things that they do. Its good to read about random things at times, going through this book was like unearthing a whole new culture for me.

So just to give you an update, my cuss count is at 17, scrabble count still at 1. I've not watched any TV for 8 days now. I've also been keeping my SMSs to a minimum and calling most people up when they message me.

For day 8 I have agreed to cook dinner at home tmrw for some guests. I will have helpers but yours truly will be the one wearing the apron. Its something that ive been meaning to do for some time now and I'm going to make it happen. Pasta Galore!

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