Added On: Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 9 of 9

It's the last day for the 9 in 9 effort and I'm glad. My cuss count is at 18, scrabble is at 1. I have been out and about and because of the festive season my family members have been tied up. I will play out the remaining 5 games over the next few weeks and perhaps even on my trip. I've also started reading Finance and Accounting for General Managers for day 7's change. My plans to cook were delayed, my guests couldnt make it, so I decided to do this for the next guest I have at home. Promise I'll take pictures and include testimonials of the meal.

For day 9 I wanted to do something special. I've decided to do chores around the house all week long. Yes I've not been big on running errands and contributing towards the general maintenance of the crib but its all about to change. Its time to dig out those overalls and wear that irregular tshirt and go get us some paint. My friend who is going to help me says its relaxing supposedly. I'll keep you posted.

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Blogger divzy said...

so now tht the 9 days r over... do u go back to
1. usin IE
2. smsing
3. television

4:29 PM  

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