Added On: Monday, October 24, 2005

Headlines 10/24/2005

Pump Audio is a Hudson Valley, New York-based company that helps independent musicians and artists who are on small labels, or no label, get paid for their art. The company provides hard drives full of music to harried production teams at networks such as MTV and the Food Network. Read more here.

For many people, buying a book from Amazon was their introduction to the possibilities of e-commerce. From its beginnings 10 years ago in the Seattle garage of its founder, Jeff Bezos, the company has sprawled across the web and now sells almost $228 (£129) worth of goods every second. Amazon's plan has been to make it simple and secure to buy an increasingly large range of items online. Read more here.

Books are the new snobbery, according to a survey today. Social competitiveness about which titles we read has become one of the new mass forces of the era and only middle-aged people are relatively free of it. This is kinda funny, read more here.

Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese's account of the rise and fall of a Mafia foot-soldier, has been named the greatest movie of all time in a poll compiled by Total Film magazine. Read more here.


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