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Hugh's - The Global Microbrand

So Hugh from gapingvoid posted an entry on The Global Microbrand. Basically he says that TGM is a small, tiny brand that sells all over the world.

An example of the phenomenon that i thought of could be an olive oil maker based in a rural town in Italy who makes a really high quality product. All he uses is a website and a fedex guy to make sure that his superior quality olive oil can be dipped into by someone having french mountain bread in Kenya.

Luigi as we shall call our make believe olive oil producer is not only enjoying low overhead operating from a small village nestled on the rugged slopes of the Calabria mountains, he also commutes to work on his 12 year old bike that his grandpa bought him on his 17th birthday. The only traffic he encounters is when his neighbor lets out his 12 cows to graze the pasture. He also has no office politics to deal with and takes an hour nap in his hammock before tea time. Give the man a blogspot account and he'll be able to express the global microbrand of his well made olive oil online and drive more revenue. I have a hunch that the only thing Luigi stresses about is if the orchids in his back yard are gonna bloom come summer time.

Hugh says it best, Your brand develops relationships in enough different places to where your permanent address becomes almost irrelavant.



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