Added On: Thursday, October 06, 2005

Long Legacy To-Do # 2

So i was thinking about Long Legacy To-Do # 2 over a Monte Cristo # 2 (how ironic) and some drinks at dinner last night when i thought about the traits of a high performing man or woman. I was amidst the company of some of these individuals last night and hence the reflection.

What I realized was that most of these people are assertive individuals. Of course these are also action oriented people who work smart, get more done at a shorter period of time, are well informed and communicate effectively amongst other things. However the trait of being aggressively self-assured or assertive is one that can bring someone the distance.

Why you may ask do I think this? Well think of the times when you wanted to jump over a questionable crossing/ditch. When you looked at the crossing from a distance it didn’t look too bad but when you looked at it up-close, you started doubting your ability to jump over it. This is when 80% of people decide that it’s not worth the risk and walk a mile to go over the crossing. But the bold 20% who trust their instincts, build the momentum and jump. Well, they get to the other side much faster.

Long Legacy To Do

#2 Be More Assertive

Are you good at getting what you want?


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