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Long Legacy To-Do # 3

Every couple of weeks a masseur comes over to my house to help untangle the knots. This is a 45 year old physiotherapist who lays some serious pain on me. He also happens to be someone who is really in tune with the whole mind and body as one concept.

So my sessions are normally an hour and a half and they involve a lot of grunting (ok stop getting ideas) and occassional yelps begging this part time herbalist to ease up on sore body parts. Very little talking is involved just because its kinda hard to make conversation when one is in pain. Dont get me wrong these sessions leave me very refreshed, it's the journey to invigoration that is gruesome.

So a couple of sundays ago, about a half hour into my session mr. masseur tells me that he senses my body is having digestive problems. Now he 'senses' this from the way I was wincing as he was massaging my foot and apparently my legs were all sweaty and moist, something that he had never experienced on me. I was naturally a little surprised at his observation becaue it was spot-on.

He proceeded to tell me that this lil condition could have been the result of some bad food that i had eaten or the result of recent disproportionate alcohol intake. That is when he really caught my attention. It was true that I had been out and about more than average that week and had consumed more than my fair share of cocktails. Thereafter he mentioned something that I for one take for granted, the concept of moderation.

The body he explained has the ability to handle almost everything that we put in it. Be it food, soda, candy, even alcohol. It's got almost a perfect system to handle all of this. Send some of this to the liver, process the rest in the kidneys, rely on the heart to make it all work. I wont pretend to be an expert on this subject but you get the idea. The body however, does not have the ability to process excessive amounts of the stuff we put in it. And that was exactly what my body was doing. It was crying out loud and trying to get rid of all the toxic in it through the sweating, meanwhile disrupting my natural chemistry and circuitry. Now i wasnt too happy with the idea of an internal struggle going on. You want your body, your actions in synch with your goals and the importance of balance in everything is mandatory. Not just with the booze, but with whatever you do.

Long Legacy To Do
#3 Everything in Moderation

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