Added On: Monday, November 21, 2005


It's time for a non-highlight post; I know I've been in 'quiet' mode the last couple of days. Its just that some days are meant to be quiet. They are ones where I at least observe and absorb everything - the world, life, time - and let it all soak right in. Not that they are necessarily melancholic, just reflective.

So i thought I'd mention something about the new Jamiroquai CD that's out - Dynamite. I spent a good 3 hours driving around amidst scattered thunderstorms yesterday, my favorite weather condition btw, and it proved to be the perfect soundtrack to my Sunday. I've always been a big fan of J and somehow yesterday dynamite got its obligatory playing time on my player and will probably stay there for the most part of this week. It's your typical Jamiroquai CD, lots of groovy funky disco tracks with a dash of soul to go along his jazzy melodic vocals.

So where and when to listen to it?
Definitely your car, when you're stuck in traffic with dead-beat relatives on a Sunday afternoon, and its pouring outside.
When you're driving around with friends and the general sentiment is 'glad to be alive.'
In your bedroom, while getting ready before your night out in town, right after a cold shower.
Also in your sitting room, while twirling your wife around after a gut busting meal. Being in a playful mood would help here.

Who should listen to it?
Recommended age group 18 - 42

Why should you listen to it?
Cause its plain ole dynamite for the spirit


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