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Getting Things Done XXXXX

So I wrapped up Getting Things Done by David Allen yesterday. All i have to say is that I know life is not going to be the same for me again. Ok so its a rather drastic statement to make after reading a Personal Organization System book but its just something you have to read to believe.

Amazon says it best, GTD offers a complete system for downloading all those free-floating gotta-do's clogging your brain into a sophisticated framework of files and action lists--enabling you to free your mind to focus on whatever you're working on.

The man is a genius at this stuff, you'll know what i mean soon as you get done reading chapter 1. I'm not going to do a chapter by chapter review and conclude the way thousands of other reviewers alredy have, no point wasting my time, instead I'm going to challenge anyone who reads this book and finds it a total waste of time. I'll buy back the GTD copy from the person and give that money to their favorite charity. Ok i'll throw in a couple extra bucks in the pot, make some bum really happy.

So you should read this book if you:
  • forgot your spouse's birthday/anniversary for the 2nd time this last three years. The odds are not going to get better.
  • realize you are still work in progress and dont want to be in the same condition you are in this time next year a.k.a self help junkie, who me???
  • want to organize your career/projects/life cause it gets overwhelming at times, awwhh come here, *hugz.*
  • haven't had anything scratched off your to-do list for some time now, or better yet have no idea what a to-do list is.

Should i wait a couple of months before i purchase this book, maybe it'll end up in the 50% off bin, besides I'm still reading the Da Vinci Code?
Not gonna happen, anyway its out on paperback and you really shouldnt waste any more time, Slacker!! Put DVC down, now slowly back away from it.

Ok ok so im interested, where can i acquire it?
Good luck trying to get it in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur for that matter. Asianerssss, Singapore's Kinokuniya is the better bet. For those who have access to, you lucky bats are 1-click away from GTD bliss.

Too much work, why should I read this again?
Cause its time to organize yourself to free your mind for greater pursuits. 170 mostly all star reviews on amazon and countless new websites and blogs on GTD ought to be reason enough.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's a great book.

I will need to read it again. I feel that I've kind of fall off the wagon, so to speak.

2:10 AM  

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