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Kobe Bryant scored a career-high 62 points in
three quarters against the Dallas Mavericks. *

18 Lessons Learnt from ProBlogger

This almost goes without saying but I’ll say it none the less. A key question every blogger should ask when starting out is around the idea of what value their blog will give readers. As I look at the year ahead I’ve been asking this question about some of my own blogs. It’s easy to go a bit stale and so reviewing the value that you’re adding is an important part of keeping things fresh.
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Amazon's best books of 2005

Looking for late gift ideas, or want to catch up on the best reading of the year? Go straight to our Best of 2005 Store for our Top 50 Books of 2005 and editors' and customers' top 10s in dozens of categories from Art to Travel.
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Lifehacker's best apps of 2005

Here at Lifehacker I’ve spent the last 12 months testing, cajoling, cursing and adoring the stream of digital tools that came across my Mac and Windows desktops. In the grand tradition of end-of-year lists, here are my top picks for the best desktop and web apps of 2005.
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The several habits of wildly successful users

Habit One: Make many marks. Bookmark everything you find interesting. You can't really overdo it, so there's no reason not to do it. Bookmarking a lot makes it easy to find your stuff again, plus you're adding to the network effect and helping others out.
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Armani to open hotel in dubai

Some hotel brands are going to need to try to sharpen their brand status before the real fashion brands move into their territory. Another name to add to the growing list of new entrants that now includes; Bulgari, Cerruti and Missoni, is Armani, who announced earlier in the month that will open its first hotel in Dubai in 2008.
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Chip to Tom

Chip Bell to Tom Peters (12.20.2005): "If you were asked to be the keynote speaking coach to a new company CEO eager to do a great job, what is the one thing you would advise the CEO
to do (or not do)?"
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