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Quality over Quantity

Quality over quantity, that's how i would paraphrase our blogger meet at Ya Udah on Saturday. Those in attendance were IndCoup, Jakartass and The Jakarta Eye a.k.a The Reveller, I know not the entire soccer team showed up but it was still quite eventful. So conversation was shared over drinks and brief as the meeting was for me, it was the first step towards camaraderie and the achivement of great things for blogging in our country. More of these get-togethers will follow I suspect, will be interesting to see what spawns from them. Read about our meeting at Jakartass | Jakarta Eye

After Jaksa, I headed to Hotel Nikko to attend the unveiling of a new brand of programs from the STAR/ANTV partnership. It was an evening of revelations sugar coated with music and drinks. The STAR/ANTV partnership will allow ANTV to tap into STAR’s international expertise in television broadcasting and STAR will assist ANTV to realize its objectives of developing its local Indonesian programming and production into a world class broadcasting standard. I expect most of the other stations in the country will follow suit soon.

As for ANTV, it will soon make its way to a platform of better ratings, this you can expect from Rupert Murdoch's STAR success team. However this will require the help of ANTV's existing staff who besides management at the event, seemed not as enthusiastic. Some of them gave me a long face with a 'hopefully they deliver' line when i congratualted them on the unveiling. I must be missing out on something because I would jump at the chance to work with the STAR team. Here you have a team of people who have executed broadcasting systems successfully in several countries now. Pick their brain already, build value on to yourself. Then give it a couple of months and let the headhunters start calling. Did i mention that the TV industry practically finances these headhunting companies.

ANTV strategically recruited Alex Kumara (a genius in the television industry with several successful stories behind him) as well as a leading news guy whose name I did not catch. The clip/trailer projected on the overhead screen of programs to come on the ANTV roster gave me goosebumps, the editing alone was incredible.

I dont know if parterships like this is a good sign for distribution/production companies like mine, with stations becoming a more independent unit. It should not really matter because it will be for the greater good. The quality of programs on local TV will increase and that will affect ratings and advertising inturn. I for one am excited.


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there was a blogger meet and i was not informed !!!!!!!!!!

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