Added On: Friday, December 16, 2005

The Steady, Strategic Ascent of JetBlue Airways

For a few tense hours on September 21, the fate of JetBlue Airways hung on flight 292. The nose landing-gear of the Airbus 320 jet was stuck sideways. The plane, carrying 146 people, circled Los Angeles to burn off fuel and then came down safely with its landing-gear still askew.
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Trends in the year 2006: Online TV, secession, survivalism

• The survival business will boom for the first time since the Cold War as Americans perceive their government as incapable of protecting them from terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
• Technology will continue to empower self-reliant, "off the grid" survivalists, who will seek to avoid payment of fuel, water, electricity and telephone bills.
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From Teen Fashion to Hershey Kisses: New Ways to Sell the Brand

"We had to think about what's important to teenagers? Fashion, email, instant messaging, video games, movies. In looking at all of those platforms, we decided to focus on music. Music is the best fit for Doritos, and in 2005, we offered five million free downloads through Doritos bags. Our ROI was enormous, and it was an incredible success."
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Brokeback Mountain Review

Rcwaterboy1 said: "When a movie can tell a story that is unforgettable, it's a great movie. But when a movie can change the way you look at love, it's an astonishment. 'Brokeback Mountain' is both." (Five Stars)
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