Added On: Friday, December 16, 2005

Stormhoek and Hugh

Some time ago I headlined that Hugh from gapingvoid initiated a new Stormhoek - bottle design initiative. Well a WHOLE bunch of response later, he has posted a Stormhoek design update and the result is a WHOLE bunch of ideas and design concepts for the South African made wine maker. Hugh setup a wiki for all the ideas [worth checking out ] and also offered a £1,000 for the winning design. I think Julien will win it, her design is really fresh [view graphic above].

Hiring Hugh was a very smart move. Its mad cool to think what he has done with some good ideas, a blog with a decent sized readership and his know-how of community building and marketing. This whole design initiative [public brainstorming session] cost very little for the folks at stormhoek but have caused a good enough stir to give their little brand some much needed exposure, a socially approved design and a bunch of bloggers, geeks [or as i like to say it PC Folk [ lets stay politically correct here] ] curious enough to give this wine a try. After all its us groovy cats that help give this brand its contact with the "Blogospheric DNA." Do your part now, Chug Away!

[UPDATE:] Blogging doubled Stormhoek sales in less than twelve months.*



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