Added On: Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This one is for the guys

The perfect shave is what all men strive for every morning when they bring their razor up their chin – an effortless shave that’s baby smooth, and without any of the usual skin irritation, redness, and that burning sensation most guys seem to feel is par for the course when it comes to shaving.
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A few years after I learned how to shine shoes, I slapped together this little shoeshine kit holder box thingy in middle school woodshop. Dad is fortunate enough to not need to wear dress shoes anymore, so I get the funky kit.
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Here's how the power nap works: Sleep comes in five stages that recur cyclically throughout a typical night, and a power nap seeks to include just the first two of them. The initial stage features the sinking into sleep as electrical brain activity, eye and jaw-muscle movement, and respiration slow.
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Do you wear pants? Here’s a handy, time-saving tutorial on how to get your knickers on in the morning: 1. Start out without pants on - undies recommended, but not required. 2. Hold the tops of your open, unbuttoned trousers with the front facing forward and legs untangled, dangling in front of you.
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