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The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young XXXOO

I picked up this book in a garage sale a few months ago. Just so you dont get any ideas, I'm not a forgetful bloke. However it is impossible for anyone to remember it all and the thought of learning new tricks to keep my brain young was something I just could not pass on. Turns out that this book is a really comprehensive guide on all things related to our brain and memory, more than what I was interested in knowing. It may prove to be really useful for people who need to refer to information of this sort for research. For me though, I quickly browsed chapter 3 & 6, the two chapters that the text quickly points has memory training skills. In both these chapters, there are exercises that involve active observation, taking mental snapshots and other organization exercises. I was too lazy to do them all however I did have some fun with mom on the memory assessments. Some of these exercises I have found to be really useful in everyday life, I now use them to remember where I park my car in the mall (hence the title) and such, so they are definitely worth going through. Another good chapter was chapter 5, 'Get fit with mental aerobics.' This chapter is filled with puzzles and brain teasers to workout the brain through creative thinking. Basically exercises to show us how ignorant and absent minded we really are. Nevertheless I couldn't resist attempting all of the exercises in this chapter. Since i did not read the entire book, I don't feel its appropriate that I rate it.

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