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Pizza Dude

Officially, the "pizza dude" who brings those piping hot pies to your door is called a delivery expert, said Craig Jackson, who has been working for Domino's Pizza nearly two years.

Although the 29-year-old pizza boy has lived in Battle Creek since he was a kid, distributing pizzas has taken him along new streets, up icy driveways, to darkened doorways and past yapping dogs — all for a few bucks tip, perhaps.

Are you ever offended by the names, "pizza boy" or "pizza dude"?

"Nah, it comes with the territory, I guess you could say."

Why did you choose this job?

"It was good money."

How much do you make?

"We get paid a base rate of $5.25 and there's a $1.50 delivery charge, and we get paid a dollar. So even if they don't tip us, or they can't afford it, we still get a dollar for that delivery."

How often do people not tip?

"It'll happen sometimes. No big deal."

What was your biggest tip?

"I think it was $20."

You've never had anyone say, "Here's $100. Have a nice day"?

"That'd be nice, but it hasn't happened yet."

What do you like best about this job?

"Sometimes you have the same customers, which is nice, especially if you get a good rapport with them. And, you just get to drive around."

"Oh, yeah."

Do you use maps?

"It would have helped at first."

Do you use them now?

"No. I pretty much know where I'm going."

Have you ever been paid all in change?

"One time I got a Ziploc bag full of money. I think he or she, I can't remember, had maybe five or six dollars and the rest was change."

Did you just take their word for it that it was the right amount?

"Yeah, and it ended up being all there."

Have you ever been pranked?

"Some kids did an Internet order. ... They just had it sent to a different house. ... I got to the customer's house and they were like, we didn't order this."

What do you do with the pizzas then?

"We just bring them back and we eat them."

Has anyone tried to rob you?

"Not yet."

Are you worried about that?

"Yeah, especially when it's kinda dark, toward the night, if the house isn't very well lit up and it's not the greatest neighborhood. You get kind of a little skittish."

Do you have a plan of action if that happens?

"Run. Drop the pizza and run. And call the cops."

Have you ever been attacked by a dog?

"No, but I've been barked at a lot of times. Kind of close a couple times, but I haven't been bitten yet."

Dogs can probably smell what you are carrying.

"They definitely want me."

Has anyone ever opened the door without clothes on?

"Well, uh, luckily I haven't been in that situation. But I had a friend and that happened to him. Lady opened the door and she had her robe open and everything was there. But I'm not sure, he probably just looked away and said, 'Here's your pizza.'"

Have you ever been invited inside to party?

"No, but I have gone to places where they were obviously doing, something, you know?"

Anything you don't like about your job?

"Rush hour. Traffic."

Has anyone ever asked you to pick up something else on the way?

"Yeah, it's happened. But we tell them, 'No, we can't do that.'"

Was it a pack of cigarettes?

"I think a lighter."

How long do you hope to be a delivery expert?

"As long as my car lasts. I've got about 150,000 miles, but it's a Saturn. It's holding up pretty good."



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