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Relationships are what matter most

I've experienced a lot of stuff in my time. I'm been a poor student and a rich professional. I've lived in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. I've read a ton of books, seen thousands of movies, and tried just about every amusement known to man. I've lived in a big house in a nice suburb, and a single room with shared facilities. And what I've found is this - all that other stuff is great, but what really matters is having good relationships.

When I look back on the times I was really happy, it wasn't when I had the most money, the best toys or the biggest achievements. It was when my social and love life were doing well. And I'm sure for most of us when we're lying on our death-beds, it's the people in our lives and not the things that will make us happy to have been here.

That's why it's important to grow and nurture the relationships in your life. Make sure you're out there meeting new people. And make sure you're taking care of the ones you've already got.

Meeting new people can be hard, but the best way is to get involved in hobbies and activities that bring you into contact with others. Perhaps you should join a sport club, or do a class, or go speed-dating. Whatever it is, building new relationships is often a numbers game. The more people you meet, the more likely you are to click with somebody.

Don't be too fussy about getting to know the new people you meet. Often those I end up liking the most I'm not too impressed with at first. I'm sure it will be the same with you. People are too quick to judge those around them based on superficial criteria. Most people have hidden depths that are impossible to gauge just by the shape of their face or what clothes they happen to be wearing.

And once you've got a relationship with someone, be it friendship or something more, work hard to maintain it. It's just too easy to throw relationships away because of petty stuff. Don't give up on someone special because of an argument or an embarrassing situation. Nurture your relationships into something that brings you happiness.

There are all sorts of issues and challenges that demand our attention in life. We have to earn money, look after our health, achieve things and find somewhere to live. But relationships are what all those other factors form a base for.

After all, a big house is no good unless you have somebody to share it with. And a pocket-full of money is useless you can enjoy the amusements it buys with somebody special.


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