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Are you bored?

Boredom occurs…
when I am unable to make someone interesting.
-Warren Bennis,

Distinguished Professor of Business Administration at the USC Marshall School of Business, co-author JUDGMENT: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls

Warren Bennis is an antidote to the poisoning of the spirit by a world that daily conspires to make you feel unimportant and uninteresting if not invisible. I am hesitant to call Warren my mentor, because despite being far more interesting and important than me, I never cease to leave a meeting with him feeling far more interesting and important than I am. Warren claims that it comes from a deep curiosity and interest in people; I believe it comes from an even deeper quality of kindness that this man all who are fortunate enough to know him and be known by him.

Warren has this effect on many. A small fraction of those he has touched were on hand at USC on October 22, 2007 to honor him as the recipient of the International Leadership Association’s Distinguished leadership award that was bestowed upon him by Cynthia Cherrey, President of ILA.

Sibling rivalry may have spoiled the affair were it not for the sibling revelry that all present felt to give Warren a taste of the gratitude and generosity that he shares so freely with others.

Betsy Myers, Chief Operating Officer of the Obama for America campaign delineated what makes Warren so special and offered a five point blueprint for anyone seeking to lead and leave the world much better than they found it. The five keys according to Betsy:

1. Be curious about others and oneself
2. Have friends of all ages
3. Feel and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation
4. Keep and share a sense of humor
5. Treat everyone the same so that they get to feel special in your presence


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