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How to Hit the Clutch Shots

I've known Jim Citrin for a number of years, and he is truly extraordinary as is his newest book, The Dynamic Path. Jim is one of the most powerful headhunters in the world and the most caring and generous of souls I have the honor to call a friend. A real Renaissance man. An athlete and a scholar, Jim gives us the formula for transitioning from struggling individual to legacy-creating professional and society contributor. In my own life, I have truly seen the wisdom of Jim's words. Now you can, too.

"To progress from strong performer to champion, the breakthrough ingredient is mental toughness. Mental toughness allows you to thrive when it counts most, allowing you to remain cool, calm, and collected during the ups and downs of a game, race, match, or business situation. It is this skill that allows you to act in an instinctive and automatic way at the most important moments and turning points of a competition or other high-stakes circumstances. The most surprising finding... was to learn that through directed practice, repetition, and experience, mental toughness is a learnable skill, not inherently different than building up your aerobic capacity through running or your presentation skills through training and rehearsal. Hall of Fame basketball player, U.S. senator, and Presidential candidate Bill Bradley, for example, developed his ability to make the clutch shots through consistent deliberate practice over many years. After each and every practice, he would stay and shoot for hours in the gym, not allowing himself to leave until he hit 25 shots in a row from five different points around the key. Sometimes he'd get to 23 or 24, miss, and have to go back to zero."


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