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Removed - Indo Companies That Suck - First Media this one is for you!

Update Oct 27 2008 - I would like to officially remove First Media from the Indo Companies That Suck List. Their service has become more consistent. I have actually found myself bragging about my/their internet connection download speeds. Its worth every penny and more and I am hoping that they will service the neighborhood where my office is situated. They are starting to act like some professional foreign broadband providers that I have been exposed to.

There is one thing that they can improve on, which is their customer service response time. It takes at least 3 to 5 business days for them to send a representative over and this is too long. I think this might be because of the low man-on-field against customers ratio. When you're having a problem and the person across the phone tells you that a guy can only come out sometime next week you cant help but scream. Now that some of their network is digital it will eliminate major problems however there will still be times when you will need a personal visit and it would be 'Great Service' if it did not take ages for this to happen.

Keep up the good work First Media, I am proud to remove you from my Indonesian Companies that Suck List.

March 6 2008

Argh I hate First Media. Their product is horrible (download/upload speeds not as advertised,) their customer service sucks (their reps dont take responsibility over their products,) their service turnaround time is ridiculous ( 6 days and counting of no internet for me.)

Their motto, 'Empowering You!' needs to be changed to 'Crippling You.' It is a below average service provider and if i had known its service was going to be below par, I would have never signed up.

How does Lippo invest 650 Million into a company and end up running the company this way? Hello Lippo execs, are you stupid ? Are chipmunks running your operation? I guarantee you a better job running First Media.

This is one disappointed customer and you wont be getting my Rp. 750,000 much longer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you got scared and they threaten to sue you,, and got you running like a little girl..

first media is just another government relatives company that stomps on any ideas for another company to compete wit them,, another example of the shitty indo lifestyle can not earn respect through good work and good service.. bully and intimadate others and leave no other options for anybody to choose from,, muslim shit again,, you follow a man that raped little girls and beat woman and stoned anybody that a single negative thing,, sounds just like indo today to me,, great job Mohamed you made a whole country that acts just like you and stupid man that could not even read or write leading stupid sand niggers

so no first media still sucks badely

5:41 PM  

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