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Indonesian Companies that Suck - XL the Phone Company

XL has gone from bad to worse. Imagine getting billed for international calls 3 months after you've made them. That too on a different billing period. I'm not even sure I made these calls. 

I asked them to help me out and send me a fax of my previous bills from the last 3 months and they were completely unresponsive. They said they would call me back and they didn't.  On top of that the customer service ppl that pick up the phone put you on hold for 20 minutes, knowing that if they keep you on hold long enough you will eventually hang up. When you call back a completely different person picks up the phone and the vicious cycle starts all over again. This is how XL services their 20 million or so customers, with no responsibility whatsoever.

Network Coverage Their network is never there when you need it, gone are the days when they had the best coverage. Calls get dropped in the middle of conversations, 'error in connection' messages have become a common response. I once had a conversation with their representative and they told me that it was because of the influx of new customers that were signing up to take advantage of their cheap new rates. Yo, what about your old customers who don't mind paying a premium for consistent good service. I'm not looking for frills in my network service. I just need good network coverage and ppl who help me figure out problems in my bill when I have them.

All i know is they can kiss my business goodbye, its a pity really. I was good for at least Rp. 15 million of yearly revenue to them. I for one am signing up with another provider. I know there are others like me who will do the same. If a company treats you like crap, they should not be entitled to a penny of your money.

Telkom Malaysia or whoever owns them should really keep their eye on the ball. They might just upset their core customer. They have advertisements all over the country, showcasing beautiful women, advertising the best rates and boasting their 'nyambung terus' coverage. complete 'BS,' they need to walk the talk instead of making these claims.

I'm moving them to the top of my Indonesian Companies that Suck List.

Update Nov 25 2008: It is now a month plus since XL has gotten back to me. That means my problem is still unresolved and I am still an unhappy customer. The funny part is yesterday someone from XL called me offering me a Bank Danamon Credit Card. They told me they would cut Rp. 200,000 from my bill if I were to sign up for a Bank Danamon Card. All i had to say to the rep was 'Dream On,' I hung up on them. If Bank Danamon is going to work with XL, I'm not going to trust them either. 

One thing is for sure, I'm definitely switching to a new provider, just shopping around for the right one.



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