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Jones Vs. Calzaghe - Consistency

I just watched the most incredible boxing bout this year. It was between two future Hall of Famers, American Roy Jones Jr. (52 wins 4 losses, 38 K0s) and Wales Joe Calzaghe (Undefeated, 45 wins 0 losses.) At the ages of 39 and 36 neither Jones nor Calzaghe is quite what he once was yet both have retained enough of their unique skills to frustrate the other when they squared off at Madison Square Garden.

Just to give you a glimpse of this fantastic fight, Jones knocks out Calzaghe in the first round with two very hard shots to the head. He gets confidence from this, drops his defenses and goes all out to TKO Calzaghe in the next round. Jones takes the first two rounds on points.

Floored, Calzaghe arose angry at himself and calmly out-boxed Jones the rest of the night. Taking consistent punches Jones began to bleed from a deep cut above his left eye. A composed Calzaghe threw punches in a steady, swarming stream targeting the bleeding cut. While individually his punches didn't do much damage, together they became like a waterfall raining down, confusing and confounding Jones who found himself unable to answer any longer. Jones spent most of the remaining rounds struggling to protect his bleedy cut and Calzaghe won on unanimous decision.

I learnt some valuable lessons from this bout, some of which are:

1. When you fall, Stand up. Just because you fell doesn't mean you've lost!

2. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. When you do get a breather think on how you can make things better. There is always someone out there working to outdo you!

3. Have a plan and stick to it, uhmmm let me rephrase that, Have a great Plan and Execute it well!

4. Something always comes up as a result of action, focus on taking advantage of this blessing!

5. Consistency breeds Comebacks. Never underestimate the power of steady punches, they eventually bring the wall down.

Earlier this year in April, Calzaghe fought Bernard Hopkins who also floored him with a flash knockdown in the first round. Guess what Calzaghe did.. He got up, and consistently out-boxed Hopkings who didn't realize he was being swallowed by an angry sea of punches until it was too late.

I love boxing, it gives me a testosterone high that engulfs my entire being. Nothing like a good 12 rounds to kick-start my Sunday. View pictures of the fight here.

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