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Interesting Observations

A fake smile is one of the most common expressions used to mask other emotions — especially if it lasts too long. Goman says that research has borne out that expressions that last between five and 10 seconds are probably false.

Another signal of deception is when adults casually cover or touch their mouths with their fingers during a discussion. She says, “People who are lying may also touch their nose because the rush of adrenaline opens the capillaries and it itches. Watch closely and you’ll notice that when someone is about to lie or make an outrageous statement, he’ll often unconsciously rub his nose.”
Liars avoid eye contact. We all pretty much know that, but Goman says that people who are really good liars will often over-compensate and hold eye contact for too long. Lying is not the only reason people avoid eye contact, though. Goman says they also do it when discussing “something intimate or difficult, when they’re not interested in the other person’s reactions, when they don’t like the other person, when they are insecure or shy and when they are ashamed, embarrassed, depressed or sad.”



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