Added On: Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seth Godin's alternative MBA

Seth Godin is offering an alternative MBA program for 6 chosen peepz (application are now closed) for 6 months. 

Here's the program he's interested in creating:
One hour a day of class/dialogue
Four hours a day of working on his projects
Three hours a day of working on their personal project
Five hours a day of living, noticing, doing and connecting

At the end of the six months, it's quite likely that he'll ask one or more people to stay on. Everyone will get a letter of reference and a certificate worth framing.

The program he'd like to do is not an internship. They don't get paid, they don't do scut work, they are not on their own. This is guided quest, one that delivers value to them (from the learning and the doing) and to him (from the teaching and from the work they'll produce.)

Read more here ... 

This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the greatest minds of our time. Bloomberg or discovery should follow these 6 around for the 6 months, I would love to watch it on the tube.



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