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Blackberry - XL - APN - Indonesia

So a couple of days ago, the blackberry service from my wonderful - note the sarcasm - GSM provider XL ( stopped working for a whole day. When it did get fixed, I was disappointed to find twitterberry v 0.8 ( the program that gets the most usage on my BB misbehaving. I got an alert box with 'Network Request Failed.' So i fiddled with the program - Options - Configure and changed the different connection modes. It was originally set on auto-detect. Since that didnt work anymore I changed it to BES and TCP. Both options didnt work. It started working with the BIBS option however since I had no idea what the BIBS option was and I didnt wanna see a charge under the BIBS section in my phone bill, I decided to investigate and come up with a fix.

After doing some research I found that the Carrier APN Settings for my phone were not set. Some of the forums online recommend that you fill this in under BB - options - advanced options - tcp/ip - check the apn settings enabled and fill in the apn username and password as below:

XL (Indonesia)
Username: xlgprs
Password: proxl

XL's customer service did not suggest it, I remind you that I found this information online. However since i have no respect for XL or their customer service I decided to give it a go. With the APN settings configured and the auto detect setting selected in twitterberry, i was tweeting again. However I noticed that I had extra download times on the phone. Matter of fact I had really long download times. This was true for twitterberry as well as the BB browser. So i reverted the APN setting changes and switched the twitterberry connection configurations back to BIBS.

If your carrier does recommend that you fill in APN settings to fix similar problems you can look up carrier specific APN/TCP settings:
Here is the Indosat APN info:

IM3 Indonesia
APN address:
Username : gprs
Password : im3

Hope this helps in some way. If anyone has a solution for the XL network, please drop me a line. I still have twitterberry configured under BIBS and I would like to set it back to Auto Detect.

Update 25/5/2009 : Got my xl bill a couple of days ago, was shocked to see that all internet requests done with the apn code hardcoded were billed independently, meaning i had to pay around 60 thousand for the 2 days that I had the APN hard coded on my BB. Thank god i turned it off the 3rd day when it got really slow.



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