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Indonesian Companies that Suck - Telkom Speedy

My dear Telkom, it pains me to write this stuff about you but you give me no choice. Not too long ago I recall sitting after a basketball game with a bunch of guys discussing internet service providers servicing the jakarta area. Yours truly actually recommended your wonderful Speedy service which until that point had never given me any problems. I bite my tongue now. 

Not long after that glorious endorsement I was paid a visit by your super friendly cigarette stenched technician who of course came unannounced. He was there to upgrade my network. Upgrade my network I asked him, I wasnt having any trouble with my network. He explained that we were being switched to a ppoe network which was more reliable, blah blah blah. So I let him change the modem settings and ofcourse my upload/download speed improved. This was not necessarily a good thing because it also affected my bill tremendously. For some reason the usage reports on and Net Meter were always different. I'm talking about a 5mb/day difference. This is big considering I've been allowed only 37mb of upload/download of bandwidth each day. Yes I know its so pathetic, every mb counts, Rp. 500/mb actually, what have I stooped to?

Anyhow I called 147 and was greeted by a real sexy voice who turned out to be a b#tch. Make a long story short no one there knew what was going on. Apparently they expected me not to check my internet usage but being the anal p*ick that I am, I do. So still no explanation for the extra 5 to 6mb a day lost in translation. On top of that, get this, for 3 months in a row they don't send me a bill. So I've called them 5 times about it. The sexy operator tells me, awhh honn I'll send it out to you in 2 days. B#ATTCCCHHHH its been 3 months, where the F#uck is my bill?????

Hope First Media starts servicing this neighborhood cause Telkom you guys SUCK ASS, really!

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Anonymous Cha said...

haha. ur telkom speedy so last year!
right click - move to trash.

5:36 PM  

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